Wednesday, August 8, 2007

seals can squint

I was bored at work on my break yesterday so I went online to and entered a haiku contest on a whim. Well, turns out I won the daily contest and I now am having my haiku printed onto a mousepad and they are mailing it to me. They provide a picture to "inspire" you and my picture was of a squinting seal. So I wrote:

They squint at the truth
An arm raised above their eyes
And pray for the clouds

Profound, huh? I'm just stoked about that mousepad and I don't even have a use for it right now. I would just like to dedicate my forthcoming mousepad to that squinting seal. I wish him/her nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

And I went shopping tonight with my mom for some stuff for Africa. I bought, or I should say my mom graciously donated, some collared shirts for teaching and one of these crazy towels that sucks up a lot of moisture and takes up little space. It is supposed to suck up to 9 times its weight. It's the stiffest towel I've ever seen - like a huge cloth you'd wash your car with. So I can't wait to spread it out at a beach and be all awkward because right now it's more like a yoga mat than a towel. Overall, I'd say it was a successful shopping trip, complete with a heated discussion of socialized healthcare on the drive home.

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kara said...

The idea of you dedicating your mousepad to that seal really makes me laugh. I have this image of you giving a speech and thanking the seal and then the seal is in the audience, wiping away a single tear. Also, the seal is wearing a tuxedo.