Saturday, August 18, 2007

just hang a chalkboard around my neck already

I have lost all ability to talk. I went to get take-out for lunch today and the guy asked me if it was for there or to go. I was like "oh, for, I mean, to go." Yesterday I was at Michaels, aka my favorite local craft store, and the girl asked me my zip code and I gave her the Altoona zip code because I couldn't think of my own. I have never lived in Altoona in my life, just went to school there. I'm not sure why I'm such a psycho when I talk and I'm thinking it's because my thoughts are moving too fast for me to make complete thoughts, much less complete sentences. I'm convinced I'm two steps away from wearing a chalkboard around my neck to communicate and a bib to catch my own drool. I'll say something and automatically wonder why I said what I did. I went to a graduation party in high school and a girl was talking to me about how she was surprised her parents weren't there yet. I could have said "oh, I'm sure they're on their way here" or "they're probably picking up a graduation card." No - what do I say? I say "maybe they got in a car accident." Who says that!? She looked shocked. It totally slipped out and I have no idea where it came from. Honestly. Maybe I just need to start from scratch again with this whole talking thing.

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