Tuesday, August 7, 2007

i'll get you and your little clause too

So what a craptacular day. Here's what went down.

I had a rough day at work. I think my eyes are going buggy on me from all that reading.

I had put my library books and movies in my desk because I didn't want them exposed to the heat sitting in the car. So I finish up work for the day and walk out to my car, forgetting my library materials. I go to go back into the building and they've already locked the doors. That's three dollars in library fines for those late movies.

Not even a minute later, I check my cell phone and it's the fitness club returning my call. I particularly like the part in the message where the guy says "I received your email...and your letter...and I see that you have some questions..." That's right. I'll admit I went a bit overboard on using both postage and internet but drastic times call for drastic measures. So I call him back and then he has to call me back and he explains to me that during the time I signed up for the gym, there were employees working there who were failing to mention the clause in their contract. He reassured me that now they made sure they informed members of this clause, bolding and underlining it. Then, after he admits that they made a mistake, he says that they can't refund my money because then everyone will want their money back. BUT...they could give me the month of September for free. If that's the case - why don't they just give me the price of that month of membership and refund me my money?! I told him that I don't want to use their gym and that I am leaving in the middle of September for Africa anyway. He was like "is that for a few months?" and I said "no, it's for just over two years." He stuttered for a bit and then proceeds to tell me that "well, when you come back, we could set something up." That's a little something I like to call grasping for straws. I told him that I appreciated him calling me back but that I was still disappointed in the quality of their service. And then he told me "good luck in Africa." Right after I hung up, I hopped on the Better Business Bureau website and filed a complaint. Boo-ya! It's not just $41. It's my $41. I'm not a fan of people blatantly ripping me off so I figured that I might as well take it up a notch.

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Lauren said...

haha you are die-hard!!! i love it.