Sunday, August 12, 2007

after-dinner mints and shellac

I went to Walgreens yesterday and it was a pleasant experience. First, I bought a MedAlert bracelet so that if I get incredibly ill in Africa they'll know what I'm allergic to and not inject me with every drug I'd swell up from. I got a little nervous when the clerk was watching me write down what I'm allergic to. If I would have had some cereal boxes, I would have constructed a makeshift wall around me on the Walgreens counter. Come to think of it, the cereal aisle was only one aisle over so it would have been possible. Anyways, I wrote down "sulfa, septra, bactrum and amoxicillan" and she was like "well, septra and bactrum are sulfa." But then I was thinking "well, why do they have their own names then, huh?" I don't want to die in Africa because of Linda at Walgreens, who didn't even know where the order forms for the bracelets were until she asked someone. So when she wasn't looking, I still wrote them down. Sucka. I was halfway tempted to write down plums at the end of that list but since I don't believe they serve a medicinal purpose, this would be unnecessary. I can't picture a doctor being like "she's fading on us...10 CC's of plum juice...stat!" And then I picture a nurse sticking a plum with a needle and pulling out the juice, tapping the needle with her finger and injecting a flatlining me. When I eat a plum, my lips become about three times their normal size. It's all kinds of hilarious. Kind of like when we used to have family get-togethers and I would eat a crapload of those after-dinner mints and my back would be covered with hives. I think I grew out of that allergic reaction (or maybe a human was just not meant to consume a quarter of a bulk-sized carton of after-dinner mints) but still, hilarious if I had "after-dinner mints" engraved on my MedAlert bracelet.

After I ordered my bracelet for the sweet deal of $10.50, I went out into the store just to browse and ended up spending more money on kids toys and picture frames. I got matchbox cars and a teddy bear for kids I encounter in Mozambique and some pretty picture frames for the family I'll be staying with. I also found a package of 10 toothbrushes for a dollar! Who cares if half the bristles fall off in my mouth. What a deal! Also, I'm still in the process of making magazine bead necklaces so I should be set with gifts for new friends abroad. Plus my next-door neighbor bought me a gift card for Michael's for graduation/going away. That is definitely my favorite craft store and I have found it in my heart to forgive them for not carrying shellac.

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