Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chapstick is delicious

I was talking to a receptionist at work yesterday about Africa and she asked about supplies I would be taking. I told her that I don't know what type of resources I'll have but I'm bringing stickers because they're kind of a little prize and easy to transport. Today she rolls the mail cart past my cube and hands me nine packs of stickers she bought. What a sweetheart! That made my day.

Also, news. I have booked my flight to staging and am eagerly awaiting the day. I have actually been pretty busy. I called the hospital for immunization records (check), canceled my cell phone (check) and picked up power of attorney papers (check). Tomorrow I get the papers notarized (and unfortunately not by my sister, who actually owns a t-shirt that says "world's least responsible notary," as she is a certified notary person). And man oh man, I am stressing about the luggage deal. Computer or no? It'd be easier for creating lesson plans when I start my teaching post. But am I willing to sacrifice some of my rationed luggage weight for it? Ah, the agony of indecision! I do love those space saver vacuum bags for traveling though. My mom and I put some clothes in one tonight - first she sat on it and then I sat and stood on it, finally resulting in the perfect pancake of clothing. Brilliant. I'd like to give the inventor of that two thumbs up and a great big hug.

I was talking to my mom about how kids have difficulty parting with their mothers on their very first day of school. I thought I had no separation anxiety but my mom said that wasn't the case. I have run into my kindergarten teacher a few times since she taught me (18 years ago) and she still remembers what I would do. Apparently a little before it was time to go each day, I would go up to her and ask her "is it time to go home yet?" When she would tell me no, I would walk over to my purse (this shoddy little yellow number with red hearts) and slather on Chapstick. I guess this happened every day. My mom said that at five, I must have had the smoothest lips of any kid around. I think I just wanted to get home to sit and watch Days of Our Lives on the recliner with my mom.

I am going camping this weekend with my parents and we are going to attend Laura Ingalls Wilder days (kick it Wisconsin style) and go to the casino for the first time in my life (watch out penny machines!). The dog is coming so that should provide endless entertainment. He has more personality than a dog should. He is attached to my sister every time she comes home and my parents and I automatically become second-class citizens in his eyes. She came home this last weekend and he would sleep on her bed each night. After she went home Monday, I was up in my room watching a movie and I heard the jingle of Kirby's collar upstairs. I called for him since he tends to steal things (mittens, socks and hairthings are his faves) but he didn't come. As a result, I went into her room to find him sprawled out on her bed, as though sucking in every molecule of her spirit she could have possibly left behind. He gave me a look like "what did you do with my beloved Kara? You're boring and stupid. Leave me alone in my grief."

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