Saturday, September 15, 2007

cubicle corners and burping

I have officially finished my summer job and now have a week to slob around. In fact, I already took a nap and I only ended work three and a half hours ago. I woke up to the sound of a gigantic burp, thinking "was that me?" Because I never burp. Never figured out how to do it. Burping shall forever remain a mystery to me. Come to find out, the dog was getting sick behind the recliner. He always goes and hides. I have never yelled at him about it and yet he slinks off to some corner that's practically uncleanable without rearranging the living room. The kitchen floor is an ideal place in my book but apparently he never got the memo.

When I got into work today, the women I work with had decorated my cube with streamers and good luck signs and there were cards on my desk. Next to the cards was a bottle of hand sanitizer with a post-it saying "Figured you could use this. Hehe." I wished she would have given it to me a week earlier with that campground because I probably would have made better use out of it. As much as I don't mind talking about my impending trip to Mozambique with people, I had grown a little tired of repeating everything about my trip to each person who dropped by my cube to say goodbye. I bet the people who I shared cubicle borders with grew tired of it too because they heard everything.

I am going to miss those crazy cubicles though. I loved hearing one person pick up the phone and dial it and then the person on the other side of me picking up and answering. We might as well operate with cans connected by string in that place. That'd be excellent. We could be like the Little Rascals. I'm not going to miss the corners though. I always found a way to run into one at least once a week. I have this problem with underestimating corners and there are constant corners in cubicleland. So cubicle corners, your days of tyranny and bruised arms are no more.

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