Sunday, September 2, 2007

Flea Market Day!

Wow - three weeks away. It's getting so close! It's kind of a scramble to get things together. I am still on the fence as to whether I should bring my sister's old computer with me. To make matters even worse, my digital camera has decided to become a pile and it has stopped working on me. So that's more money! It's neverending. I bought new shoes for wearing on hikes or long walks (plain old New Balances) but they are so white. Before I leave I think I'll go out to the field behind my house and rub some dirt on em. Give em that weathered look.

I went to a flea market in Hatfield, WI today with my parents and our dog. To give you an idea of how large Hatfield is, the sign coming into town says "Summer population 5,000 - Winter population 50." They had a rollerskating rink though, which is adorable. It was a much larger flea market than I expected. There were people with some good stuff but also loads and loads of stuff I can't imagine anyone buying. But one (wo)man's garbage is another (wo)man's treasure, I suppose. I bought a lot of homemade soap from a few different vendors because it seems to last SO much longer than the soap you buy at the store. One woman sold soap that smelled like dirt - on purpose. She said that it was for hunters. They take a shower with dirt soap before they go hunting? I don't understand. Either way, a wild animal is going to smell or see you, no matter how much camo you wear, how high your tree stand is or how much dirt soap you lather up with that morning. Seems a bit excessive - but then again, I'm no hunter.

We then went to Black River Falls where my mom went to a spinning shop (the wool spinning - not the torture on a bike kind) where she bought this liquid to wash wool with. She just made me a shawl to bring with me to Africa. Something to have to think of her and home. It's beautiful and she spent so much time on it. She cleaned the wool, carded it, spun it on a spinning wheel and knit it. I'm glad to have something like that with me.

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