Wednesday, July 25, 2007

you look like you stole that hammer

So I thought I would write today. I'm so excited that it is officially less than two months before I depart for Philadelphia. I just need to make it through these last weeks of work, staring at a computer in my six by six cube. I do have some good stories from working at the seminar company though. The people there have always been great and extremely entertaining to talk to - always willing to lie on their stomachs to get a stray quarter for you from under the soda vending machine (and yes, this did happen to me). "I think I can reach it as long as it isn't next to the mousetrap." There's the woman who keeps a badminton racquet in her cube to carry with her for her afternoon walk so that she is armed if the protective, nesting bird swoops on her. Then there was the motivation meeting last summer, when I got to say "My name is Erin and I am a gem." And we swung our arms, hands clasped and sang like it was Christmas morning in Whoville.

I also miss working at the bookstore. I can't help it. I have a hard time letting go of things sometimes. I miss the people I worked with and my friends who worked there. I miss my sweet sweet 33% discount. But I've tried this new thing called the library and it seems to suit my needs just fine. Waiting for the middle of September to roll around with my flight to Africa, I feel like the small child waiting in line at the mall to see the Easter Bunny or Santa. You are hopping up and down, painstakingly excited to get to your destination. Then when you get there, you are stunned and terrified. Well, I'm just hoping I'm not the one who wets their pants.

I just came off of a weekend of managing a thrift sale with my sister. It went off well. We had some hagglers and some hilarious people. My sister and I particularly enjoyed the few people who as they were leaving, thanked us and told us that they had fun. And I also enjoyed the conversation we had with a girl involving Kathy Matthea's greatest hits. And the little girl who was only happy once her mother bought her something - settling on a 10 cent stuffed Bartok from the animated movie, Anastasia. We also met our paper man, who turned out to be quite the fireball. And then there was Kara, hammering in our thrift sale signs and then sprinting back to the car for no reason at all. Yes, many good stories from this weekend.


kara said...

I sprinted back to the car because you parked so far away and I didn't want to walk on a busy road!

Erin said...

I'm just saying, you looked like you were stealing that hammer. And you were laughing when you were running. So there was also a hint of insanity in your gait.

Katie said...

That Kara... always sprinting somewhere!

Wait... that's someone else I'm thinking of.