Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RIP iPod

My, my, my. Someone`s been negligent about their blog again! Time to make amends.

On Monday, I was walking to school and got caught in a downpour. I had my umbrella and thought it would be enough but I was quickly overpowered by the wrath of the torrential downpour. I had to keep walking to school because I didn`t have another method of getting to school. My clothes were getting soaked and I was walking as fast as I could. A co-worker at the high school drove straight past me, completely ignoring my plight. Then, as I was near the high school, a mother who was going to drop off her student, splashed me with her car. Just when I thought the day couldn`t get any worse, I found that my iPod had been soaked in my bag and the screen looked like a shoddy lava lamp, with the water swishing around inside.

I didn`t open my mouth to speak to anyone all morning because I knew that I would have a level 5 meltdown if I did. So I talked to my sister online, watched some cute puppy youtube videos and was talked me down from my anger. I also ordered a new iPod nano from a very friendly Apple rep in Japan. Nagai, wherever you are, you are awesome. But people just never realize how much they depend on something and how great it is until it`s gone though. I use that iPod ALL the time. Especially when I work out (I have officially lost 41 lbs.!!! woohoo!!!). And that iPod has been with me through thick and thin - through Peace Corps and through my first year in Japan. Sweet sorrow at this parting. The iPod had battle scars and scratches from love and a memorable inscription on the back from my sister, who had given it to me as a present. "You owe me! Smooches, Kara" So until I receive the iPod today or tomorrow, I am stuck alone with my own thoughts and the cicadas during my walks, jogs and stair climbings on the island.

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