Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pictures from the Peace Corps

The cutting of the ribbon at the grand re-opening of the renovated library. The ribbon was cut by a local official and at first, he seemed put out by having to be there but then he seemed to really enjoy himself.

This was our administrativo, Senhora Amelia. She was a really nice woman. And it's not too often that you find a woman in a position of power like that.

Teachers dancing at the teacher's day celebration in October.

Teacher's day celebration

The organized bookshelves in the library. Hoping they stay that way.

Eulalia and Anifo before the fashion show in the library

The beautiful beach at Chocas, about 50-60 km from where I lived, but on a very bad road.

The girls soccer team in Monapo. Hilarious and tough wrapped into one.

Chaulana at the sewing machine

Me and an honorary member of our REDES group, Benicia's niece

Benicia after school one day

The girls prepping vegetables at our end of the year festa

Abiba, walking the runway for our end of the year fashion show.

The girls in their REDES capulanas before the fashion show began in front of the library.

The secondary school library, a finished product.

A couple of girls from my REDES group and their friends. They have a dance group and this was after a performance on our front veranda.

The kids lined up under the tree. This is where they lined up every day before school to sing the national anthem and to hear announcements.

A pedagogical director's wife and children. They are adorable. One of his daughters was in my REDES group.

Efigenia, Joaquina and Eulalia at the Fortaleza on Ilha de Mocambique. I love this picture of them on the top of the fort. This fort was once inhabited by the Portuguese and was a port for the slave trade. It was closed for renovation when we were there but we were able to get in and walk around.


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